1997 Nissan Cima Turbo

A Luxury Cruiser Ready for Big Boost
2445 Hilton Dr Suite 123 Gainesville GA 30501

You may be familiar with the Y33 chassis because of its popularity in the VIP scene, but the platform is perfect for all types of builds. This 1997 Nissan Cima is largely original, with low miles, beautiful blue metallic paint, and a comfortable like-new leather interior.

The VQ30DET factory turbo engine is our favorite tuning platform here at Hoshi Motion, and because of that we can’t get enough of these Cimas. We’ve seen well over 500 horsepower with some simple upgrades, and this Y33 is primed and ready to put the power down too. These engines are reliable, powerful, and strong enough to take some big boost on the street and on the track. This car’s engine has been inspected, serviced, and runs smooth and strong just like new.

The Cima is 6-inches longer than its little brother the Gloria, meaning a smoother highway ride, and ample rear seat leg room. The leather interior on this car is almost like new, and even includes power reclining rear seats with an executive control panel.

Unique, comfortable, and fast daily driver? This is the car for you.

VIP build with a perfect low mileage platform? This is the car for you.

Looking to moonlight as a limo driver? This is the car for you.

Want to build your own Japanese sedan that will wipe the floor with those AMGs and M cars?

You guessed it, this is the car for you.

We don’t just import and sell these Y33’s, we tune and drive them everyday ourselves. If you’re interested in making some power out of these Glorias Cimas and Cedrics, contact us for upgrade packages for any power level.

All cars come with a clean Georgia title.

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