About Us

A question that comes up repeatedly is, “Why should I buy from these guys, instead of someone else?” For starters, we are probably a lot like you. 

We import cars because we are huge fans of Japanese cars and motorcycles. We began importing from Japan in 1996, and have made many friends and business contacts, while learning every step of the way. We have personally dealt with everyone, from our man on the ground at the auction houses, ocean freight companies, parts suppliers, customs, etc. One of our owners also has a long history working internationally in motorsports racing, performing hundreds of engine builds, ecu tuning, data acquisition, and fabrication. 
We have owned many of these cars. We know their good points, their bad points, and what type owner may appreciate one car over another. Selling you a vehicle is only part of what we offer here. Consultation on models, upgrades, maintenance, insurance and more is something that we will be more than happy to discuss with you. At Hoshi Motion, we aren’t just selling you a car, we are offering over 25 years of experience encompassing just about anything related to the vehicles we sell. 
We love what we do. We think the vehicles we have are some of the coolest on the planet. If you don’t think so now, give us a chance to make you a believer!