How Do I Register One of These Cars?

The same as any other car!

Every single one of our cars comes with a clear Georgia title.  This means that the registration process is identical to any other used vehicle.

We cannot guarantee registration outside the state of Georgia, as there are many different local laws and policies.  We recommend calling your local titling/registration authority to understand your specific circumstances.

What Fees Do I Have to Pay?

You don't pay a thing!

We do not charge you ANY additional fees.  The price that we advertise is the price that you pay.

Georgia customers will pay Title Ad Valorem Tax upon purchase, just like any other used vehicle being registered in the state of Georgia.

Can I Finance One of Your Cars?

Absolutely you can!

We offer multiple ways to finance these unique JDM cars.  Visit our page on financing to learn more.


How Do I Get Parts?

Just ask! Parts are easy, we promise.

We know that one of the more concerning parts of buying a car never officially sold in this country is parts availability.

Buying parts for any of our cars is usually easy, cost-effective, and fast.

There are many reputable online retailers we can recommend, which offer exactly what you want with various shipping options.

We also have one of the largest databases of factory parts diagrams and service manuals on hand, which allow us to find any part/part number for whatever you're wrenching on.  Just let us know what you need and we can find it.

Some dealerships also offer support for foreign models (Nissan is usually very happy to help), and some parts are interchangeable with US models, allowing you to go to your local parts store and see the part in person.

More expensive cars (Skylines, Supras, NSX's…) will have more expensive parts, but that comes with the territory.  If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

How Can I See a Car I'm Interested In?

Schedule an appointment!

We are open Monday-Friday, working hard to bring you the best and more unique Japanese cars, big and small.

Some days we are at the Hoshi Motion HQ, some days we are at the port picking up new cars, and some days we are at a show getting to meet you wonderful people.  Because of this, we work by appointment only for customer visits.

If there is a specific car or type of car you're looking at in our inventory, feel free to contact us at and set up a time to come by and visit!

What's it Like Driving RHD?

It's no big deal at all.

Really, it's no different than driving on the left, or driving in the center (just ask Mclaren F1 owners). 

The turn signals are now on the right, which will take a few days to get used to.  Don't worry, everyone hits the windshield wipers at first, it's not just you.

Drive-thrus are now a fun little adventure for those of us in the RHD club.  We don't recommend going through backwards (though it is an option), so our preferred method is to order ahead and carry out.

Aside from drive-thrus, ATMs, and toll booths, you'll pick up RHD no problem, and you'll hardly notice it at all after a while.

Are These Cars Legal?

Yes. 100%. No question about it.

The federal government allows vehicles over the age of 25 years to be exempted by the DOT, and vehicles over the age of 21 years to be exempted by the EPA.

Every single one of our cars has a big thick stack of paperwork from all of the relevant authorities, and is 100% legal and compliant with US Customs, NHTSA, DOT, and EPA.

We've been importing for 26 years, and have no interest in any vehicles outside of these guidelines.  The penalty for being caught with an illegal vehicle is a fine of over $200,000 and a possibility of jail time.  It's just not worth it folks.