Hoshi Motion X Okubo Factory
Building Your 4-Door GTR
At Hoshi Motion, we have spent the last 28 years building the most cutting edge cars and motorcycles from Japan, only utilizing the very best when it comes to parts and modifications. Now, we are excited to offer customers in the USA the ability to purchase complete 4-Door GTR's from us at Hoshi Motion, as well as purchasing Okubo Factory body kits.
Style From Japan, Built in the USA
With R34 GTR prices soaring well over 6-figures, and some variants cracking $1,000,000, utilizing a sedan chassis becomes more and more appealing. The R34 sedan uses the same suspension layout, and shares the same wheelbase with the 2-door GTR. This allows us at Hoshi Motion to craft a package with BNR34 performance, but room for the whole family.
Purchase an Okubo Factory Kit
Want to buy an Okubo Factory kit for your own R34 4-Door? We'll take care of it.